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Ways to Save on Winter Insurance

Saving money on insurance in the winter does not need to be difficult.  Here are some ways to save on car, motorcycle, and home insurance during the colder months!


Despite the cold gray weather, you can look forward to seeing some green at the end of the tunnel.  There are many ways to save on insurance this winter – all of which are incredibly attainable.  Of course, always speak to an agent about your insurance.


Winter tires

In snowy conditions, you want to be as safe as you possibly can.  By purchasing winter tires, you’ll be safe and you can save money too!  Some insurance providers offer discounts for drivers who have winter tires on their car.  With improved traction and stability, winter tires could even save you and your passengers’ life.  Winter tires are affordable as well.  They cost about the same as regular tires.

Seasonal cars

If you have a car that you don’t use during the winter months, make sure it stays insured during the winter.  While it may seem tempting to save a few bucks by dropping insurance coverage, this is not recommended.  What if something falls on your beloved car?  What if it is stolen?  Keeping your seasonal car insured can save you money in the long run.  However, you may talk to an agent about raising your deductible if you are not using it.

College kids home for the winter

If your child is home from college, and they are only a small bit of driving while they are around, you may be able to switch them to be an occasional driver.  This could save you some extra dollars.



Similar to a seasonal car, you shouldn’t completely get rid of your motorcycle insurance.  By reducing the amount of coverage you have or by raising your deductible, you could save some money.  Also think about taking a motorcycle safety course.  Doing these courses will reduce the overall cost to insure your motorcycle.  You’ll increase your safety knowledge as well!



There are plenty of ways to save on home insurance in the winter.  Ice dams and can be expensive to repair.  To prevent ice dams, make sure that your attic is properly insulated, air leaks are sealed, and you have proper ventilation.  Since ice dams are such a common winter occurrence, it could be a good idea to have that coverage.  To learn more about ice dams, click here.

Preventing winter home claims can save your money.  There are some simple ways to keep your home safe and claim-free.   Clearing snow from paths and driveways can help prevent liability claims.  Freezing pipes can be costly, but thankfully, it is easy to prevent.  Freezing pipes occur when the temperature drops and the water in the pipes turns solid.  It can cause leaks and breaks.  Keeping your home warm can stop this from happening.  To learn more about freezing pipes and keeping your home warm, click here.  Even just making sure there are not drafts in windows or doors will save you a lot of money in the winter.  We’ve made a handy check-list for you to prepare your house for winter.  Click here to check it out – it could be saving you money!  Avoiding a claim will keep your rates from going up and you getting dropped from a carrier!

Talking to an agent could be useful as well.  You want to make sure the coverage that you are paying for will actually cover your home and property.  You don’t want to pay for coverage that won’t protect you!  It can be as easy as picking up the phone and making a quick call!


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