Motorcycle insurance changes for riders in Northern states as spring rolls in. The sun starts to shine, and temperatures begin to warm up. The snow goes away, and the ice starts to melt. Birds start chirping, and spirits start to soar. You know what all this good weather brings…

It's time to hop on your motorcycle and go for a ride! Now that the sun is out and the days are lasting a little long – you finally have the time and weather you need to enjoy your bike once more.

Here are a few quick tips to prepare your bike for the spring:

Be Mindful of Your Motorcycle Insurance

As spring approaches, it's important to stay ahead of your motorcycle insurance. Luckily, a "lay-up" policy option is sometimes available. This means most drivers suspend collision, towing, liability, and more within their policy during the winter months when they don't ride. They keep comprehensive during the winter and then bump their coverage back up when riding season is right around the corner.

If you're looking to save money on your motorcycle insurance – don't forget to update changes to your driving record, additional training, or added safety equipment to your policy. Taking out a policy to just ride alone can also save riders some money.

Check Your Tires Thoroughly

Once you have the motorcycle insurance figured out, you have to get your bike prepped and ready. The first step in this process is making sure your tires are all set. Run hands over all wheels to ensure there are no cracks or dents. Uniform tread is a good thing as well.

Time to Top Off Oil

It's important to make sure all your oils and fluids have been maintained over the chilly winter months. Many fluids will degrade over the winter. So make sure the consistency and color of each fluid seem correct. If fluids are low, you may need to check for leaks within your motorcycle.

Light Check One Two, One Two

Test all the lights on your bike to ensure everything is working correctly.  Check your high beams, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and any others before you hit the open roads.

Start Slow

Don't rush into things during your first few rides of the New Year. Let your bike wake up from hibernation just a little bit. No need to go full throttle too soon. Go for a cruise around the neighborhood before hitting the highway. See how your motorcycle is feeling before pushing her too hard. Plus, you might need a chance to get back into riding shape, too.


Interested in shopping around for a new motorcycle insurance policy? We can help!