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Is it time to end your layup insurance policy?

Spring is here and it is nearly time to break out the toys! We examine when you should end your layup policy.


Spring is here and it is nearly time to break out the toys! Whether you have a boat, a motorcycle or an RV, the warmer weather means that toy owners everywhere will be dusting off their vehicles and preparing them for a summer of cruising. If you live in a colder state, you may have switched to a layup insurance policy for the winter. When’s the right time to end your layup insurance policy and get back to full coverage? As they say, there’s no time like the present!

When to End Your Layup Insurance Policy

Check on the layup period

For many layup policy plans, there is a set period of time where coverage is reduced to “layup” levels. Once that period ends, your coverage will automatically change to the coverage levels you carried last season. Many insurers will set the end date at March 1st or April 1st, so that any early spring adventures are properly insured, should you forget to check.

Check your policy to see if you have a layup end date already set. If so, just make sure you don’t take out your boat, RV or motorcycle before that date.

Dusting off / DeWinterizing Your Toys

After a long winter, you may need to spend some time dusting off your toys and de-winterizing them. Though you may begin that process wherever your toys are stored, switching back to full coverage levels before beginning that process is important. Should anything go wrong during your pre-season tune up, you’ll have coverage in place in case you need to file a claim.

Boat Layup Insurance

Before you take your boat out of storage and head for the water, you should give your insurance agent a call to end your layup period. You’ll want full coverage when transporting your boat to the lake, river or ocean you’ll be cruising this summer, in case something were to happen in transit.

Motorcycle Layup Insurance

An unseasonably warm day may tempt you to break out your motorcycle for a ride earlier than anticipated. A motorcycle layup policy does not offer enough coverage for riding your bike and in some states, the coverage provided by a layup policy does not meet the legally mandated coverage requirements. Before you get on your bike, call your insurance agent to ensure you have the proper coverage in place, even if it's just a short ride. Anything could happen out there, especially in changing weather conditions.

If your layup policy has a “sunny day” clause, you may have liability coverage for one day of riding during the layup period if conditions become irresistible but are clearly not going to last. Before the spring season begins, however, you’ll want to add back your full coverage, including liability.

RV Layup Insurance

When you’re ready for your first trip of the season in your RV or trailer, you should already have full RV insurance coverage in place. Call your agent to end your layup policy before taking your RV or trailer out on the road to ensure you’ve got the right coverage in place for the risks of the road.

Bottom Line

Before you make any moves concerning your toys this spring, whether that’s heading out on the water or taking them out of winter storage, call your insurance agent to restore your insurance coverage. A layup insurance policy is great for saving in the off-season, but it’s not meant to bridge any gaps in coverage once the season starts back up again.

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