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Our Best Holiday Insurance Tips

A roundup of our best holiday insurance tips!


The holiday season can be busy and stressful, as you gather gifts, attend parties, host gatherings and travel to be with loved ones. During this crazy time of year the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a loss or damage to your assets. We’ve pulled together our best holiday insurance tips to help you manage your risk and prepare for a happy holiday!

  1. Basics for Insuring Holiday Gifts
    It’s the time of year to give (and receive!). If you’ll be getting or receiving gifts this year, you’ll also want to make sure they’re properly insured. Our guide can help you determine whether your existing coverage is enough or whether you’ll need specialty insurance for high-value gifts.

  2. Holiday Insurance Guide
    All our best tips in one handy printable PDF. Check out our Holiday Insurance Guide for tips on everything from cooking to hosting and gifts.

  3. 4 Holiday Disasters Covered By Your Home Insurance
    Luckily, many holiday-related mishaps should be covered by your existing insurance policies. Your homeowners or renters insurance likely provides coverage for holiday disasters including stole presents, tree fires, injuries and frozen pipes.

  4. Winter Insurance Guide
    It's not just the holidays that can be risky, but also the winter weather that is common this time of year. Our Winter Insurance Guide is a helpful tool for preparing your assets for the colder weather and includes tips for mitigating common winter risks.

  5. Holiday Hosting Checklist
    The holidays are a time for gathering with your loved ones! If you’ll be hosting your friends and family this holiday season, download our Holiday Hosting Checklist before celebrations kick off to help minimize your risk of damage or injury during the event.

  6. Holiday Insurance Issues
    While the holidays are a time for cheer, if something goes wrong you’ll want to have the right coverage in place so you can get back to celebrating the season. These common holiday risks should be covered by your insurance.

  7. 9 Essential Tips for Preventing a Holiday Disaster
    Preparation is key for managing your risk. Give this article a read-through to ensure you’re not inadvertently opening yourself up to a holiday disaster this year.

  8. 11 Travel Tips for the Holidays
    If you’ll be traveling during the holiday period, bookmark this list of tips to help ensure a safe and easy drive. Roads are more congested during the holidays and wintery conditions can add to your risk during this time of year.

  9. Holiday Travel Tips
    Prepare for your journey by car, plane or train with this helpful list of tips for traveling and leaving your home unoccupied during the holidays.

  10. 11 Holiday Driving Tips
    Driving in a winter wonderland is not as fun as walking in a winter wonderland, due to changing conditions on the roads that can lead to accidents. It’s not just the weather to look out for as holiday traffic builds out on the roads. These tips will help you keep safe while traveling by car this Christmas.

  11. Holidays and Alcohol
    Many of us celebrate the holidays by eating, drinking and being merry, but if you’re hosting and serving alcohol, that can open you up to quite a bit of risk. Read up on how to manage your hosting risk when it comes to serving your guests some Christmas cocktails.

From all of us at InsuraMatch, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and all the best in the new year!

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