How to Save on Auto Insurance When You’re Not Driving as Often


Here are our tips to save on your auto insurance while also staying smart about your coverage when you are driving less.

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How Do I Insure A Borrowed Car?

Insuring a Borrowed Car

What happens if a borrowed car gets into an accident? In general, auto insurance follows the car, not the driver. Regardless of who’s driving the car, the owner of the car (and the insurance holder) is generally responsible for financial damages in combination with their insurance.

We’ll explain how this works for the car owner and the driver who borrowed the car—as well as the exceptions for when this doesn’t hold true. 


4 Reasons to Shop Around for Auto Insurance

Reasons to shop around for auto insurance

You’ll hear us and other insurance agents say that it pays to shop around when it comes to your auto insurance. Shopping around doesn’t always guarantee you a lower rate, but there are cases where it will and sometimes dramatically. If you’re wondering if you should, consider these four reasons to shop around for car insurance.

We asked InsuraMatch insurance advisor Seth Miller to tell us when is a good time to shop around for car insurance. Here’s what he had to say:


Why You Should Get A Collector Car Insurance Policy

Why you should consider a collector car policy

You’re the proud owner of a collector’s car. You restore it, you keep it clean, you protect it from the elements, and you treat it like your baby. But despite all that energy you put into keeping your collector’s car safe, are you actually protected? Your collector car is very different from a regular car and your insurance should reflect that.


What Are The Benefits Of Paying For Insurance In Full?

What Are The Benefits Of Paying For Insurance In Full?

Paying your insurance premiums in full, as opposed to monthly payments, can have many advantages. Here are some worth considering.