Returning To The Roads Safely After Stay at Home


Staying at home has meant fewer people are on the road, but they've also become more dangerous. Here are tips to keep yourself safe when driving.

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How To Avoid Car Theft During Coronavirus

Car Theft Coronavirus

Keep your car safe with these 11 tips for avoid car theft during the coronavirus pandemic.


How Our Insurance Partners are Responding to COVID-19

How our carrier partners are responding to COVID-19

Many of our carriers have searched for ways that they can help during these challenging times by modifying their billing processes, provide additional coverage and even sending out refunds coverage to help address their customer’s changing needs.


How to Save on Auto Insurance When You’re Not Driving as Often

Driving less

Here are our tips to save on your auto insurance while also staying smart about your coverage when you are driving less.


How Do I Insure A Borrowed Car?

Insuring a Borrowed Car

What happens if a borrowed car gets into an accident? In general, auto insurance follows the car, not the driver. Regardless of who’s driving the car, the owner of the car (and the insurance holder) is generally responsible for financial damages in combination with their insurance.

We’ll explain how this works for the car owner and the driver who borrowed the car—as well as the exceptions for when this doesn’t hold true.