Fixing Up Your Garage For The Offseason: Tips To Keep Your Toys Safe


Winter weather poses a serious threat to your favorite recreational and outdoor toys. Your motorcycle, RV, ATV, and boat especially have to find a secure home for hibernation during the harsh winter season.

So how can you store your favorite toys to keep them safe? How can you prepare your toys and storage space to maintain your prized add-ons?  

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7 Common Boat Insurance Claims And How To Prevent Them This Season

Taking a boat out onto the water for a fun day with your friends and family is a great summer activity, especially on those uncomfortably hot days! However, whether you prefer a ski boat or a sailboat, boating can be dangerous and even the most experienced boat owners may have to file an insurance claim for a collision or injury on board if they are not prepared. These all-too-common occurrences result from a variety of factors, so we’ve listed a few of the most common boating insurance claims below, with some tips on how to stay safe and avoid them!


How to Get Ready for the Boating Season

There’s nothing like taking your boat out on the water on a sunny summer day.  But before those idyllic moments can happen, you’ll need to get your boat ready for the boating season.  Like a car that hasn’t been used in a while, your boat needs some preparation before it can set sail.  De-winterizing your boat will encourage a smooth transition back onto the water.  It could even increase your boat’s lifespan.  Here are some tips to get ready for boating season!


An essential guide to buying, owning and insuring a Personal Water Craft

A how to guide on buying a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo or other Personal Water Craft, and how to maintain and insure it.


Insurance Guide to Renting a Summer Home

Renting a summer home? Consider your home insurance, auto insurance, and other insurance coverage before you sign the dotted line. Also have a conversation with the homeowner about his or her insurance.