What To Have On Hand When You Call For An Insurance Quote


Before you grab the phone and start getting calling for insurance quotes, make sure to have these items ready to go!

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Melting snow carries risk of flooded basements

Areas of the northeast buried in snow this winter may be in for a second major headache: All this snow is going to melt and can potentially flood your basement or home.


6 Worst Natural Disasters in 2014

Most of the Best of 2014 or Worst of 2014 lists you read will educate you on celebrity gossip, clothes, or news stories you wish you could forget. This list reflects on some of the Worst Natural Disasters in the Unites States in 2014. It’s hard to believe while researching this I read numerous places this year was “tame” after looking deeper into the damage and destruction each of these disasters caused.

Buffalo Snowstorm


Report: Rising sea levels will create 'chronic' flooding problems in some coastal communities

If you own property along the East Coast and Gulf Coast, you'll likely see more frequent and severe flooding as ocean waters rise up to a foot over the next 20-30 years.

That's the grim picture being painted by the Union of Concerned Scientists in a study released today.