Warm weather is moving in, which means it’s time to start breaking out your favorite springtime gear. From boats to pools and motorcycles to RVs, spring toys are the best way to enjoy the sun with friends and family.

But these toys don’t come without risk. Accidents happen—especially in the carefree, unsuspecting days of summer. To fully protect your equipment and your finances, you need comprehensive insurance.

Read on to learn how to protect against the most common spring and summer insurance claims, including boats, motorcycles, RVs, pools, and trampolines.


If you’re a mariner, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your Lady of the Sea. You’re likely also aware that dangers and risks are amplified on the water. This can makes insurance a challenge.

The most common boat claims are caused by storms and collisions. Recent years have seen a number of large hurricanes, which has drastically increased the number of insurance claims for boats housed in the eye of the storm.

Boats are “totaled” more often than other transport crafts. This is because one small collision can introduce water into the boat, which can cause the boat to sink in minutes. A strong gust of wind can capsize the boat and completely ruin all of the contents inside. There are also a lot of obstacles hidden under the water, which can create unexpected collisions and sinking.

This puts boats at high risk with insurance. Most homeowners’ policies do not cover boats, which means you’ll need to protect your investment with separate boat insurance. This helps protect your property from exorbitant financial costs as well as liability concerns.

There are a number of claims that could be covered by insurance:

  • Collisions with other boats
  • Collisions with submerged object
  • Collisions in the harbor
  • Groundings (boat goes up on shore)
  • Stranded or wrecked boats
  • Intoxication-related accidents
  • Man overboard
  • Medical emergencies
  • Slips and trips
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Lost/stolen equipment
  • Theft of boat
  • Storm damage while moored

Your insurance can even help protect against pirates!

Learn how to purchase the perfect comprehensive boat insurance here.


Is your motorcycle ready to shake off the cold weather and get back on the road? Before you rev your engines, you want to make sure you are fully covered against potential concerns. In most cases, motorcycles are not covered under auto insurance.

Most commonly, motorcycle claims are a result of a collision. This includes:

  • Personal injury (if you are injured in an accident)
  • Property damage (if your motorcycle is damaged)
  • Liability (if another is injured in an accident)

Motorcycles also have a high rate of theft because they are easy to hijack. If you don’t have motorcycle insurance, a complete loss or totaling of your motorcycle could leave you with a loss on investment—without being paid back a cent.

The most common causes of collisions are novice riders, new bikes, excessive speed, distraction, intoxication, and road rage.

Your insurance provider will look at your driving record as they would with typical auto insurance to determine your risk and policy rates. They will also look at any customizations on your bike, which often require special coverage.

Talk to an insurance agent about insuring your motorcycle today.


Recreational vehicles are a great way to vacation anywhere, any time, on your own terms. However, RVs can be a challenge to insure because of their hybrid nature—part house and part vehicle. There are also differences in covering an RV, motorhome, or camper, so you want to ensure you are purchasing the right coverage for your vehicle.

Like cars, RVs are subject to the dangers of the road. From a flat tire to a collision with another car, your RV needs liability and property damage for full protection.

Like homes, RVs are subject to homeowners’ considerations as well, like theft of contents or liability “on-property.” For example, you’re parked overnight. Someone trips in the area surrounding your RV and breaks their arm. You could be liable for their accident, even though you don’t own the property on which you’re parked.

Interestingly, though, most common RV insurance claims are unique from both auto and home concerns. They include: blown out tires, fires or oil spills, hitting low overhangs or bridges, failure to retract steps or awnings, and animal infestations.

The unique nature of the RV lifestyle calls for unique coverage in tandem. Learn how to find the right kind of RV insurance here.


Having a pool in your backyard is an easy way to have family fun all summer long. But pools can also pose a number of safety hazards (and associated insurance risks).

The most common pool claims include:

  • Injuries from slips around pool deck
  • Contaminated pool water
  • Chemical poisoning/burns
  • Drowning
  • Storm damage

You’ll want to ensure that your homeowners’ policy covers liability and property damage for your pool—whether it’s in-ground or aboveground. Some aboveground pools are considered “personal property” and need to be insured under your contents coverage.

Because pools are such a liability risk, insurance can be expensive. Some companies will charge extra or won’t provide any coverage to homeowners with certain pool accessories, like diving boards.

Learn more about pools and other summer insurance perils here.


Like pools, trampolines are an added risk in your home. The most common claims are liability-based, especially with injuries to children.

The most common incidents include landing improperly when jumping, falling off trampoline, or colliding with another person on the trampoline. These can cause serious injuries with a significant financial price tag.  

They are not the same kind of financial investment as a pool, but they can be equally as risky. This means you want to focus on liability insurance.

Talk to an insurance agent about including your trampoline in your contents coverage or in a separate umbrella policy in case of property damage as well.

Protect against trampoline perils with certain safety precautions and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Bottom Line

Enjoy your spring toys this season—but don’t forget to protect yourself! Insurance can be a defensive security blanket so you can enjoy your activities without concern or worry.

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