Tis the season to be jolly and hosting a holiday fete is a great way to celebrate the season with those who are dear to you! If you’re planning to open up your home to friends and family this year, don’t let an accident or mishap ruin your fun. While hosting can bring up some risks, this holiday hosting checklist can help you prepare. With the checklist as your guide, enjoy the merriment of the season while keeping your home and guests safe.

Your Holiday Hosting Checklist

You can download or view a printable version of our holiday hosting checklist here.

This checklist is broken into two sections to help you prepare your home and review your existing insurance policies. These will help you minimize the risks present in your home as well as help you determine whether you have the appropriate insurance coverage in place should anything go wrong.



For stress-free party hosting, keeping up to date with home maintenance is key. Winter weather can be hard on your home and create dangers like slippery walkways and slick driveways.

Should anything go wrong, your insurance can help you recover financially from damages and liability suits. Hosting can increase the likeliness that someone will be injured on your property or your home will suffer some damage, so reviewing your insurance coverage and assessing the benefits of additional coverage can help you mitigate some of your holiday hosting risk.

Bottom Line

Opening up your home to guests can open you up to additional risk, but that’s no reason to be a Grinch. By reviewing our holiday hosting checklist, you can help ensure your home is free from hazards and your insurance includes adequate coverage for events.

So download your list and check it twice to ensure a safe holiday party this year!

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