In the past year especially, many aspects of the home purchase process have moved online, and home insurance is no exception. More and more, insurance companies and agencies are enabling customers to compare quotes and even to purchase homeowners insurance online. In this article, we’ll give you the low-down on shopping for home insurance quotes online so you can feel confident while researching home insurance from your phone or laptop.


  • What is a home insurance quote?
  • The pros and cons of home insurance online.
  • How do you get a home insurance quote online?
  • Getting your home insurance quote.

What is a home insurance quote?

A homeowners insurance quote is an estimate of the price you’ll pay for coverages chosen for a certain policy. This quote typically takes into consideration the location, size, and style of your house as well as many other factors like nearby emergency services, previous home claims, risk factors, etc.

Note that a home insurance quote is only an estimate, especially if you are quoting online. The price you pay for coverage may change once you finalize your quote with an insurance agent. It may also change after you have purchased the policy. For example, it may change because of the results of an inspection ordered by the insurance company.

Pros and cons of shopping for home insurance online

Shopping for home insurance can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the process. Whether you decide to shop around online or with an insurance agent, you should “shop around,” which means you should shop multiple home insurance carriers and compare quotes from all of them to find the company that matches your needs the best.

There are many benefits to shopping around online. First, you can shop anytime and anyplace, as long as you’ve got an Internet connection. Another advantage is that you can independently do your research along the way on your own time to determine what coverages make the most sense for you.

Getting quotes online is a good way to get a sense of how much your homeowners insurance may cost. Using an insurance comparison tool, like our homeowners insurance rater, can help you get a sense of how much you can expect to pay with different insurance companies. Online quotes can go faster than a full quote over the phone, but if you are on a carrier website and looking to compare rates, you’ll have to go through different insurance company websites one by one. But if you have an insurance company you’re particularly interested in working with, you can head straight to their site and get more information on the coverage they offer and the price associated with that coverage by getting a quote online.

There are some drawbacks, however. Shopping online for home insurance should be a breeze. But we’ve found that it’s still not as easy as it should be for most people. Almost every large home insurer now offers an online quote system, so how do you know which tool to use? Do you have to go through every major insurer to make sure you’re getting the best deal? And even further, how do you know which sorts of policies, deductibles, and coverage plans will be best for your unique needs if you’re not walked through the process with an insurance agent? If you’re not confident in your insurance knowledge, then online insurance quoting can be a bit confusing and even overwhelming.

Working with a licensed insurance agent is always a great way to help ensure you’re comparing quotes for the right coverage and considering the right types of protection for your needs. With online quoting, that valuable resource and relationship is missing.

How do you get a home insurance quote online?

Online quoting for home insurance varies by the provider you’re working with. Whether you are comparing homeowners insurance quotes online through a comp rater that quotes multiple carriers, like InsuraMatch, or you’re going directly to a carrier, you’ll want to have some information on your home handy as you go through your quote.

As you’re going through the online quoting process, you may need to know certain information about your home to get the most accurate quote. Below are some factors that can influence your homeowners insurance quote that you may need for your quote:

  • Age of home
  • Location of home
  • Materials of home
  • Cost to rebuild your home
  • Home improvements/additions/remodels
  • Security features
  • Personal information (name, date of birth, marital status, contact info)
  • Information about residents in the home

If you don’t know some of this information, we recommend getting it handy before starting your online quote to make the process go faster.

Learn more about finding the right home insurance in these eight steps.

Online home insurance quotes with InsuraMatch

Quoting online with InsuraMatch is easy. We’ve taken a lot of the legwork out of quoting with our tool, so you can get an idea of cost in just a few minutes. Also, since we’re an independent insurance agency, our online home insurance quote tool compares quotes from different insurance providers.

In addition, once you’re ready to purchase, our licensed insurance advisors will help explain and walk you through each step of the home insurance purchase process, so you can feel confident in your coverage and rest assured that you’ve found your insurance match.

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Get a home insurance quote online

If you want to see just how easy our online quote process is to find the best coverage at a price that’s right for you, start comparing quotes now! In just minutes, you can compare rates from our panel of leading national and regional insurance companies.

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