Flood insurance can provide valuable protection for you home against losses and damages from flood waters. If you’re considering flood insurance, you may be curious about what it would cost you. You may be looking for online flood insurance quotes to get a sense of the pricing in your area or to quickly and conveniently bind a policy online. For many flood insurance companies, your best bet is still to get a quote over the phone, but luckily there are ways for some homeowners to get flood insurance quotes online. In this article, we take a look at your options and the pros and cons of online flood insurance quotes.

Getting an Online Flood Insurance Quote

To get a flood insurance quote online, you’ll want to have some information on your home handy and you’ll want to find a trusted insurance agency or company that provides online quotes. The good news is, you’ve already found one! InsuraMatch offers online flood insurance quotes with Neptune Flood Insurance. If you live in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, you can get an online flood insurance quote here.

The Pros of Shopping for a Flood Insurance Quote Online

The advantages of shopping for an insurance quote online include convenience, speed and the ability to do your own research through the flood insurance shopping process. With a traditional insurance agency or company, you’re bound by their operating hours in order to get an insurance quote. Online, you can get a quote anytime, anywhere.

While a call to compare flood insurance quotes with an independent insurance agency like InsuraMatch may take a few minutes, an online quote with us takes under a minute. In addition to fast quoting, looking for a quote online means you’re free to do your own research on flood insurance while you shop, like browse the flood resources in our Learning Center, and take the process at your own pace.

Right here on InsuraMatch, a simple, short form with just a few questions will get you a flood insurance quote with Neptune. Neptune is a private flood insurance company that uses technology to determine your risk, unlike traditional flood insurance companies. According to Neptune, this can help some of their customers save up to 25% on their flood insurance policies. That’s definitely a reason to get an online quote!

Currently, Neptune and InsuraMatch offer online flood quoting in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you live in one of these states, you can get a quote in under a minute here.

The Cons of Shopping for a Flood Insurance Quote Online

Shopping for flood insurance online isn’t much different than shopping around for auto insurance quotes online or home insurance quotes online. While it’s fast and a great place to start, you can often get more options when shopping for insurance through traditional channels, like a call into an independent insurance agent. Working with a licensed insurance agent also gives you the chance to consult an expert when shopping for insurance and an agent can guide you through the process and in choosing coverage levels.

An important thing to keep in mind when searching for any insurance quotes online is that not all insurance companies have online quoting capabilities, which means you’re likely missing out on some options. This may or may not matter in your search as the best quotes and carriers for you could very well be online. But if you don’t see a quote you like, it’s helpful to keep in mind that working with an insurance agent over the phone could present you with more options.

An online flood insurance quote is helpful in showing you what flood insurance could cost for your home, but it’s far from the full picture. Similar to getting a quote online with one of the big auto insurance carriers, it’s just one rate. The National Flood Insurance Program, the largest flood insurance provider in the country, does not offer online quotes or binding. If you’re gathering online quotes for flood, you’re missing a pretty big player.

There’s no harm in looking for rates online, but we encourage you to call an independent insurance agent that works with several flood insurance carriers and have them help you compare rates from a few different companies. You’re more likely to find the best price available and a policy that meets all of your needs that way, while benefitting from the expertise of an insurance agent.

Shopping for Flood Insurance

Whether you choose to go the online route (and if you’re in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia you can right here, right now) or the traditional route, you may want the help of a licensed insurance agent to best evaluate your different options. For many of us across the country, flood insurance is a wise investment in protecting our homes from unexpected flooding.

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