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Supplemental Insurance Renters Should Consider


Know what your standard renters insurance covers and the common exclusions. Consider these supplemental coverages as a renter! 

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InsuraMatch.com Offers Quick, Easy Online Flood Insurance Policies with Neptune Flood

Online Flood Insurance Quote

In partnership with Neptune Flood, InsuraMatch now offers our customers in select states the ability to quote and buy a flood insurance policy online. Through InsuraMatch.com, customers can see a price quote and purchase their coverage all online in just minutes.


What You Need To Know About Camping and Insurance

Camping and your insurance

Camping is a fun summer pastime, but it does come with risk. Here's how camping and your insurance work to help you manage your risk.


9 Summer Home Projects That Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Home projects that can help you save on your homeowners insurance

As the weather warms up, it’s a fun time to take on DIY projects around the house. Why not upgrade your home and lower your homeowners’ premium at the same time? With a few repairs and upgrades, you can improve the standing of your home to reduce risk and liability, which may help you get a discount on your homeowners’ insurance premium.

Here are some summer projects you can take on that can make your home safer and lower risk in the eyes of your insurance company!


Now Live on InsuraMatch.com: Appointment Reservations

Our new schedule a callback feature allows visitors to our website to set appointments with an insurance advisor at a time that’s convenient for you.