While your state likely requires you to carry auto insurance, it does not require that you carry a great or even good policy suited to your risk. State minimums are just that, a minimal amount of required coverage, and may not speak to your personal risk tolerance or insurance needs. And when it comes to the most common automobile insurance claims, your state’s minimum required amount of auto insurance coverage may not cover you at all.

While an insurance agent is your best resource for assessing your personal risk, there are some general areas to take a look at when thinking how much and what types of auto insurance coverage you need. Reviewing common automobile insurance claims can help you think about common instances where you’d want your auto insurance policy to step in and help with csots. Automobile insurance can not only help cover your vehicle, but it can help cover you, your passengers, others involved in a crash, and your assets.

With so much risk out there on the road, claims can and do come up, and some more often than others. Here’s a look at the most common claims by auto insurance customers.

Common Automobile Insurance Claims


As you might guess, car accidents are among the leading reasons one may make a claim on their auto insurance. From fender benders to major wrecks, the damages associated with an accident can be costly, especially if there are injuries.

Depending on the type of accident and the damages caused, you may require different types of coverage to pay for damages. There are several different types of coverage to address different aspects of a crash. The state mandated coverages address some of the risk you could incur from an accident, but not all.

If you are found at-fault for an accident, liability coverage and collision coverage will help you pay for damages and injuries to others, as well as your vehicle. Personal injury protection coverage will help supplement your health insurance coverage if you are injured.

If you’re in an accident, but not at fault, un/underinsured motorist coverage can help you recover if your car is damage or you are injured by a driver without enough insurance. 

From bodily injury liability to collision to under/uninsured motorist coverage, an insurance agent can help you figure out which coverages to consider to help you protect your car and your assets. Call one of our expert insurance advisors today at (844) 819-2221 to learn more about the different coverages available.

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Windshield damage

Just driving down the highway or parking your car under an old tree can put you at risk for windshield damage. This common claim requires specific insurance coverage that’s not usually required in order for your insurance company to pay for repairs. You’ll want to opt for comprehensive coverage to help fix or replace a windshield that has a nick, crack, or break. Many drivers skip this coverage to save money on their premiums, but it can be a wise investment since windshields can be expensive to replace.

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Car thefts are surprisingly common. If it happens to you, you’ll want to have comprehensive insurance coverage as part of your auto insurance plan. The cost of this insurance can depend on where you live (if you garage your car in a neighborhood with frequent thefts, it will most likely cost more). Anti-theft devices, including alarm systems, GPS tracking systems, etc. can help offset the cost. Speak with your insurance agent to get a quote on this coverage and discuss any potential discounts.

Animal collisions

Deer, moose, and other animal vs. car collisions can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle (not to mention the animal or vehicle occupants). Vehicle damage due to deer is a common claim, especially in more suburban and rural areas of the country. For your auto insurance to help pay for repairs, you’ll want to carry comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy.

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From destructive teens to vengeful ex-spouses, vandalism can be an expensive reality for a vehicle owner. Like auto theft, if your neighborhood is targeted by vandals, the cost of coverage for vandalism repair (usually covered by your comprehensive insurance) will rise. Also, like auto theft, these damages would likely only be covered under comprehensive.


Wind, hail and other weather-related damage happen in many parts of the country and put your car at risk. Changing weather conditions can also make driving more difficult. If you live in an area with varied weather patterns, chances are you’ll face changing weather-related risks in your day-to-day driving, which can cause damage and accidents leading to claims. This is another case where comprehensive coverage comes in handy.

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With so many risks on (and off) the road, auto insurance can be a helpful tool should you face damages. While the types of coverage you may need vary, a licensed insurance agent, like our insurance advisors, can help you weigh your personal risks to find a policy that encompasses coverages and limits that make sense for you.

If you were to face on of these common automobile insurance claims, would you have the right coverage in place to move on? Speak with an insurance advisor today at (844) 819-2221 to review your policy.

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