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The 6 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims


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 | May 14, 2015

Insurance can be a gamble. You are gambling you will use it and insurance companies are gambling you won’t, but if a situation arises where you need it, it can be a financial lifesaver. Hence why almost every state requires you to have auto insurance. Automobile insurance not only covers your vehicle, but it can cover you, your passengers, others involved in a crash, and your assets.

With so much risk out there on the road, claims can and do come up, and some more often than others. Here’s a look at the most common claims by auto insurance customers:


No brainer? Yes, accidents are typically one of the leading reasons one makes a claim on their auto insurance. From fender benders to major wrecks, auto insurance coverage can help you repair or replace your car, cover medical costs for you and passengers, and pay for that new beamer that’s now being towed away from a crash you were involved in.  You should always work with your agent to ensure that you and your car have enough coverage to protect you and your household.

Windshield damage

Ding. Many people opt for comprehensive coverage to fix or replace that windshield that has a knick, crack, or break. It can be a good option considering the price of a replacing one can be pretty high.


Cars get stolen all the time. Comprehensive insurance coverage can cover you if it does. The cost of this insurance can depend on where you live (if you garage your car in a neighborhood with frequent thefts, it will most likely cost you more than living in Mayberry). Anti-theft devices, including alarm systems, GPS tracking systems, etc. can help offset the cost.

Animal collisions

Deer, moose, and other animal vs. car collisions can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle (not to mention the animal or vehicle occupants). Vehicle damage is a common claim, especially in more suburban and rural areas of the country.  In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that there were 247,000 incidents of a vehicle collision with an animal and 200 deaths from the accident itself or a driver trying to avoid hitting an animal.


From destructive teens to vengeful ex-spouses, vandalism can be an expensive reality for a vehicle owner. Like auto theft, if your neighborhood is targeted by vandals, the cost of vandalism repair (usually covered by your comprehensive insurance) will rise.


Hail and other weather-related damage can happen in certain parts of the country. Hail can break glass and damage car bodies. Comprehensive insurance typically covers this expense.

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