RV insurance for your motor home or non-motorized camper is more than just buying a souped-up auto insurance policy. RV insurance is a combination of auto and home insurance and can include some specialty coverage options.

That doesn't mean RV insurance costs as much as home insurance (well, unless you own a motor home worth several hundred thousand dollars). On average, insuring a motor home will cost you about $550, according to BankRate.com.

First off, an RV is a recreational vehicle that insurance companies usually define as a motor home (classes A, B, and C), professional and non-professional bus conversions, motor coaches, and camper vans. To qualify for RV insurance, it must run on a motor, and have additional features, such as cooking appliances, a bathroom, etc.

So what should you consider when shopping for RV insurance? Your RV is literally your home on wheels when you're away from home. Like a house, your RV probably contains valuables that may exceed your standard coverage. Also, there are liability issues to consider such as someone slipping and injuring themselves inside the RV.

What to consider when shopping for RV insurance

  • Vacation liability: This covers bodily injury and property damage inside and outside your RV.
  • Personal effects: Even if the RV is stored in your backyard 10 months out of the year, it's a target for thieves. Your camping equipment, the jewelry you bring on vacation, an expensive generator or refrigerator can all be stolen. Make sure you’re adequately insuring those belongings.
  • Trip insurance: Coverage for living expenses and transportation if your RV is disabled in a crash while you’re vacationing.
  • Trailer, Moped, and golf cart coverage: This covers damage for golf carts, kayaks, Mopeds or trailers.
  • Roadside assistance: This option will cover you for towing and emergency roadside assistance.
  • Pet insurance: Veterinary coverage for your pet in case of an accident (you will most likely also need to purchase comprehensive and/or collision coverage too).
  • Awning replacement
  •  Adjacent structure coverage: This covers structures near your RV, including screen houses and sheds.
  • Full-Time RV insurance: For policy holders who use their RV for several months out of the year (typically 150 days or five months). This provides a higher level of liability and other coverage.
  • Consignment insurance: This covers your RV in case it's on a consignment lot or for sale by a third party.



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