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Pauline Haddad

Chief Financial Officer

Pauline is Chief Financial Officer of InsuraMatch. She joined InsuraMatch in 2017. Prior to InsuraMatch, Pauline held Deputy and Acting CFO roles at Management Sciences for Health, an international organization providing public health technical assistance to foreign governments and health organizations. Before that, Pauline co-founded and managed a data-mining startup and worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. 

Pauline chairs the finance committee and sits on the board of Trinity Boston Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates safe and supportive communities that inspire Boston’s youth of color to achieve their goals and come to see themselves as leaders.

Pauline holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an engineering degree from AgroParisTech University in France. Outside of work, Pauline is busy with her four children and loves biking and the outdoors