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Meet the Team

Marc Buro


Marc is a people person; sounds like a cliché but it's true. He's passionate about providing customers with world class service. Fun Fact: Marc spends time off casting for largemouth bass.

Seth Miller


Seth manages InsuraMatch agents, initatives and integrations and is a pro at bundling great insurance products. In an earlier life, he was a zookeeper - though he’s mum on whether this prepared him for life @InsuraMatch. His interests outside of insurance include football, fishing, and dogs.

Lauren Quibell


Lauren has a knack for helping people make sense of insurance and has an MBA in Finance. Fun Fact: Lauren recently spent time in China studying Chinese and American run businesses.

Julia O'Connor


Julia O'Connor is InsuraMatch's chief legal counsel.  She is passionate about providing legal advice to all of her entrepreneurial clients. Fun Fact:  Julia is a lifelong tennis player and loves to play tennis in her time off. 

Jenn Sanders


Jenn manages digital marketing for InsuraMatch, including the blog and social media. In her free time, Jenn enjoys traveling, brunch and going to Pilates classes.