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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Insurance Perils


We’ve created the ultimate guide to summer insurance perils so you can know how to help protect yourself financially, take the necessary safety precautions, and then leave the rest of the worrying to your insurance company! This guide will get you and your family prepped for security, so you can enjoy the summer carefree and relaxed.

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Driving Tips For Thunderstorms

Tips for driving in a thunderstorm

Sudden thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the summertime due to changing temperatures and pressures in the atmosphere. Prepare yourself this summer by understanding the dangers of driving in thunderstorms and how to protect yourself—and your insurance rates—from these disasters.


How To Protect Your Car From Heat Damage

Protect your car from sun and heat damage

We know rain and snow are driving dangers, but we often forget just how much damage the sun and heat can do as well.


What is a Vehicle Service Contract? Could You Benefit From One?

What is a vehicle service contract?

If you’ve recently started shopping for a new car, you may have heard about a vehicle service contract (VSC). Many dealerships offer these types of contracts, but do you really need one? What are the benefits?


Rats and other things you might not expect auto insurance to cover

Things you may not expect your auto insurance to cover

Your auto insurance can cover more than just an accident - check out these 7 surprising things your car insurance will cover.