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InsuraMatch was created to help you make better, more confident decisions about your insurance.

We understand that insurance is not a one-size-fits-all type of product, so we tailor our recommendations to you and your needs. Whether you’re searching for auto insurance, homeowners insurance or even toy insurance, we’re here to help you find insurance you love - your InsuraMatch.

We surveyed thousands of current customers of dozens of top insurance companies to understand why they chose and what they valued about their insurance carriers. This huge database of information helps us help you pick a carrier that not only meets your protection needs, but also your lifestyle.

Importantly, InsuraMatch is an independent agent. We represent many great insurance companies and offer you multiple insurance quotes when you shop with us. For our auto insurance customers, our online quote tool will help you find a carrier that’s right for you.

Why Choose InsuraMatch?

  • We’re an independent insurance agency that works with a variety of national and regional insurance carriers that have outstanding reputations and that are well-loved by their customers.
  • We’ve conducted significant research to help us understand why real people love their real insurance carriers.
  • We don’t only offer insurance; our agents also offer expert advice for things you care about: your homecar, jewelry, motorcycle, RV, ATV, even your boat.   

We’re part of the Boston-based Plymouth Rock Group, which manages over $1 billion in auto and homeowner’s insurance. In other words, we know insurance and we’re inspired to make it better.