A trampoline in the backyard is a source of endless summer fun! However, trampolines can be dangerous...and downright hilarious. Though you may think of it as a harmless backyard toy, these 10 trampoline fails remind us that a trampoline can be a liability (more on that after the fails!):

10. Proper attire should be required.

That’s not how you wear a sweatshirt…

9. Disappearing act.

Should have installed one of those trampoline fences.

8. Backflip gone forward.

Trying out fancy tricks on the trampoline can go wrong, even with a fence.


7. Basketball and trampolines don’t mix.

If you need a trampoline to improve your game, you may wanna choose a new sport.


6. Tempting fate.

These two were asking for trouble… still funny:

5. Props are never a good idea.

A fail in front of the whole family, too.


4. Right where it hurts.

Looks like this guy misjudged the landing.


3. Props are never a good idea… again.

There’s a reason those slides are for kids.

2. Time for a new trampoline...

Even when you’ve got fancy moves, things can go wrong:



And now for the number one trampoline fail that had me laughing out loud at my desk here in the InsuraMatch offices… 

1. The classic double-bounce.

So fun when it goes right… so hilarious when it goes wrong…


These fails are funny, but trampolines can cause injuries - especially when they’re used improperly. If you have one in your backyard, let your insurance company know, so you can be sure you have the proper coverage in case of an accident. Many of these fails started out all in good fun, but could have led to much more painful outcomes.

When considering purchasing a trampoline be sure to speak to your agent first to determine whether your homeowners insurance will cover it. If your insurer finds out about the trampoline and your policy explicitly does not cover trampolines, they could deny any claims you file. Once you are sure your trampoline is covered, it is wise to also make sure that you have enough liability coverage under your homeowners insurance to help protect you financially from the costs associated with injuries. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider getting additional liability coverage in the form umbrella policy.

Talking to an agent will help you understand what you have to protect and how insurance can help you, as well as any nuances in coverage related to trampolines. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up on one of those fail videos:

  • Use good judgment when using your trampoline. If you get a bad feeling about something, don’t do it or encourage others not to go through with their trampoline schemes. Jumping off an object onto your trampoline is not is going to end well, as evidenced above.
  • Install netting or padding around your trampoline. Your insurance policy may require this and as you can see from the fails, netting and padding could have prevented a few of those from ending so poorly!
  • Install a fence in your yard. This will help prevent unwanted guests from using your trampoline without permission and injuring themselves when not on your watch.
  • Supervise children when they are using the trampoline.
  • Inspect your trampoline regularly and make any necessary replacements or repairs in a timely manner. You don’t want Trampoline Fail #2 happening to your child!
  • Have appropriate safety equipment nearby in case of emergencies.



Having the right coverage could make a difference if something were to happen involving your trampoline. Be prepared with enough coverage before it’s too late!