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Flood Driving Safety [Infographic]


For many people throughout the U.S., your car is your lifeline. WIthout it, you'd be stuck. However, driving during certain conditions can be a terrible idea for your car and your safety.

Rising water, weather from a storm or a leak, can have serious consequences for cars and their drivers. Not only does water have the potential to cause damage to your car, but it can also jeopardize your safety. During a flood, driving is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Even just a few inches of water can have the ability to severely damage your car and trap you on the road or cause your car to float away.

Again, the safest thing to do is stay off the roads, but if you must drive, keep these tips in mind:

Driving during a flood is extremely dangerous - it's best to stay off the roads. However, if you are unable to avoid roads with water, here are some tips for driving during a flood.


Driving through a flooded area or high waters can cause severe damage to your car. Your car insurance could be a financial life line if this were to happen, however, your auto insurance will only kick in if flood damage is included. Damage to your car from a flood is generally covered under comprehensive coverage, which is not part of the required coverage in your state.

Call your agent to ensure your policy will cover flood damage and be sure to check in on your auto insurance coverage to make sure you've included comprehensive. This will cover your car if it is damaged and you'll want to ensure you have enough coverage for a total loss.

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