Can’t resist using your phone while you drive? You’re in the right place.

According to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 25% of teens text every time they drive. Distracted driving crashes kill more than 5,000 people a year. In fact, every year in the U.S. close to half a million people either die or are injured in accidents due to texting while driving. Let’s work on eliminating your bad habit, because the consequences can be serious.

People are using social applications on the roads as well. According to, Snapchat is the most distracting app while driving and PokémonGo is the runner-up. In October 2016, a young woman used the speed filter on Snapchat when she was driving at 115.6 mph. Her car collided with a minivan and resulted in the death of both drivers and three passengers. That summer, several PokémonGo related crashes were reported, one being a 28-year-old who hit a tree while using the app. So, texting isn’t the only problem.

Stop engaging in distracted driving and check out these apps to find a way to start resisting the urge. Some of these apps are even fun; they create incentive by giving rewards and creating competition!



This preventative solution includes an app and a patented hardware device called DriveID, which is placed under the rearview mirror. Getting set up with Cellcontrol is quick and easy. And, once you have it ready to go, it is easy to customize and manage. This app starts at $7.95 a month, but this price is worth having the extra safety.

Cellcontrol can disable the ability to text or use applications while driving, and it is the only Apple App Store approved solution of its kind. It is difficult to tamper with the controls and disable, and it does not interact with the driver.

The manager, or the individual who has access to the Cellcontrol Online Account Management Console, has full power to customize the system. The app is suitable for businesses and families, as it alerts the manager on any violations or actions and creates detailed reports. Set your family and yourself up to drive distraction-free!

DriveSafe Mode

Available on Android and iPhone, the DriveSafe Mode app makes it easy for parents to monitor their teen’s phone use while they are on the road. It only takes three steps to get started: create an account, download the app to the phone of the driver you wish to monitor, and sync the device to your account. You’ll be immediately notified if your son or daughter is using a phone while on the road or disables the app.

Special note for you Android users: you are able to lock the phone out completely with the DriveSafe Mode app!

So get going and, “Create. Download. Sync”


This app prevents distracted driving in three solid ways. LifeSaver blocks all phone usage, lets parents know that their children arrived safely, and gives drivers iTunes rewards for safe driving. This app is always running, undetected, but locks the phone once the vehicle starts moving. LifeSaver is simple, secure, and will notify you if your child unlocks it.


Live2Txt is a super simple app for Android users only! When you turn it on, it blocks calls and texts that you get while driving. You have the ability to select if you want to block texts and calls or just one of the two. Additionally, you can customize the response that is sent to the person trying to contact you.

On My Way – Realtime GPS location

This app is perfect for safely updating your friends and family on your location while you are driving home or to meet them.

On My Way tracks your location in real-time You can share the map with your friend and your location for as long or short as you would like. This app focuses on this goal primarily, but it is significant as well all know how hard it can be to resist texting your friend an update when you are at a stoplight. Think of it like sharing your Uber trip with your friend so they can see where you are.


With the tagline “Drive. Earn. Play.” this app has to be a good idea. It is definitely a more fun approach to safe driving.

SafeDrive implements a “boring” screen once the driver sets off and exceeds 6 mph. While driving, if you engage your phone and click the release button, you will lose your points. When you have reached your destination, you will receive points and are able to redeem or use them. With all the points you accumulate, you are able to purchase discounted products from various companies.

Samsung’s In-Traffic Reply

Can’t resist replying to your friend while driving or biking? This is the app for you.

In-Traffic Reply sends a preset reply to any texts that you get while on the move. It detects that you are moving with GPS and phone sensors and activates once you hit 6 mph. You can opt for a simple message stating you are driving, one that is fun and includes an animation, or create your own.


This fun app creates incentives to stop engaging in distracted driving.

TextNinja has four main features to help stop distracted driving with three more features focused on raising awareness.

Main features:

  • Silences notifications
  • Auto-replies to your SMS messages with a customized message of your choice
  • Gives scores and rewards for driving without texting
  • Conveniently a Connected Car Bluetooth-based system

Awareness-raising features:

  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter for social sharing

  • Leaderboards
  • Awareness campaigns

What are you waiting for? Get started and “level-up your ninja belt” by racking up points and reaching safe driving milestones. Get rewards and make it to the top of the leaderboards!

TrueMotion Family

This one is free, family-oriented, and fun! It tracks how much time you drive without distraction during every trip.

TrueMotion scores your drive, helps you improve your driving, and keeps it fun. Reviewers acknowledge that it becomes a good-hearted contest between family members because your driving scores are shared. The app stops phone use while driving by incentivizing individuals to better their score and driving safety in general.


Consider activating the Apple CarPlay system if you don’t already have it! It allows you to hear, reply, and respond to messages and interact with other apps using voice commands.

Keep an eye out for when Apple will be launching the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. This feature should be released as a part of the iOS 11 update. When the phone is in this mode, connected to a car via cord or Bluetooth, and the car is moving, phone notifications will be withheld. Like almost all of the above apps, this feature will include an automatic response sent to people trying to reach you. Additionally the screen will be locked and only navigation apps will be visible.

If you don’t use iPhone, try out Google’s Android Auto.


These are all free!

  • Silence your phone
  • Put your phone away
  • Keep your phone out of hands reach
  • Keep your hands on the wheel
  • If you are the driver, be the driver: keep your attention on the road and do not engage your passengers
  • Turn the radio off or keep it on low volume, and don’t get overly into the news or beat
  • Download one of the above apps
  • Ask friends to be aware of your commute
  • Before you put your phone away, text the necessary people that you will be unreachable for x minutes/hours.


Take a look at our popular blog post, Six Apps That Prevent Texting While Driving for more details.

  1. Text No More offers many discounts through Groupon.
  2. Canary will ‘sing like a canary’ to parents if their kid uses their phone while driving.
  3. AT&T’s DriveMode allows users to identify five numbers that can always be called.
  4. Drive will read aloud part of the texts/emails you receive on the road.
  5. Overwatch by Clamont Inc. is cheap and teenager-oriented.


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