Shopping for insurance can be no easy task. Not only do you need to sort out what kind of coverages you need, but you’ve also got to choose limits that will make that coverage worthwhile. Add in trying to read through policy document legalese to figure out what’s covered all while trying to find the best price by shopping multiple companies and suddenly hours of your day have gone. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the insurance shopping heavy lifting yourself – there are many benefits to shopping for insurance with an independent insurance agency.

By working with an independent insurance agency, you’ll work directly with an unbiased, licensed insurance agent. Your agent can help you determine how much of and what coverages best suit your individual situation and do the work of shopping around with multiple carriers for the best policy and price on your behalf. You’ll have a partner in choosing your coverage and help in navigating all parts of the insurance process, from purchase to claims.

There are many reasons shopping for insurance through an independent agent might be the right choice for you.

The Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agency vs Shopping Direct


Shopping directly with an insurance company for your insurance is generally limiting, since you can only shop what that one company has to offer. An independent insurance agency works with many national and regional carriers and can compare what each company offers on your behalf. Comparing quotes from many different companies is not only great for finding you the lowest rates, but also for finding the best coverage offered at the best price for someone in your situation.

Working with an independent insurance agency gives you choice and makes comparison shopping for insurance easy.

Shop Around in Minutes

At an independent insurance agency, your licensed insurance agent has access to tools that make shopping different carriers for competitive rates quick and easy. What may take you hours to complete, your agent should be able to do in a few minutes over the phone. In addition to shopping multiple carriers, your insurance agent will also have the expertise to help you decide which company and policy are best for you and your needs.

Professional, Expert Advice from A Licensed Agent

Though shopping direct from an insurance company can cut out the middle man, in the case of independent insurance agency, having someone on your side while looking for insurance can be incredibly beneficial. Whether it’s helping you figure out how much coverage to purchase, looking for discounts or walking you through the policy language so you understand what is and isn’t covered, a licensed insurance agent is with you throughout the buying process.

A licensed insurance agent is qualified to answer your questions about your policies and is trained to help coach you through insurance decisions, like how much and what types of coverage to purchase, what deductible to choose and whether you qualify for discounts.

Save With an Independent Agency

Working with an independent insurance agency can lead to savings thanks to being able to quickly and easily comparison shop and thanks to discounts. Your agent will know what companies offer discounts and all the different ways you may qualify.

You may also be able to save by bundling your policies with the same agency. This means purchasing two or more policies, like home and auto, from the same insurance company or agency. Your insurance agent will work with you to find ways to save.


Last, but certainly not least, you can expect a high level of personal service from an independent insurance agency. Whether it’s answering a question about a new policy or helping you through the claims process, your insurance agent is just a phone call away.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits and advantages to shopping with an independent insurance agency, which is why InsuraMatch is proud to be a nationally-licensed independent agency. Our relationships with big insurance companies and smaller, regional insurance companies alike help us to provide our customers around the country choice on price, service and more.

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