There are a lot of options out there for flood insurance. The minutia of selecting flood insurance can be overwhelming, even for the most knowledgeable insurance customers, but that need not keep you from shopping around to find a policy that works for your home. The key benefit of working with a flood insurance agent is that you have an expert guide in the shopping process – and most homeowners should at least consider flood insurance. Even if you’re not in a high-risk zone, the risk of flood is always possible, and getting more probable each year. With flood damage being so severe and costly, it’s a risk you may not want to take.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the 8 benefits of working with an independent flood insurance agent to help you find get the best coverage for flood.

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1. A flood insurance agent is your personal advisor.

Thinking about flood insurance can feel overwhelming and stressful. You might be anxious at the thought of having to use your flood insurance in the case of an incident, or you might be confused by the act of purchasing flood insurance itself.

An independent flood insurance agent is there to listen to your concerns. They’ll ask questions to figure out exactly how much flood (and other) insurance you need, while looking for ways to help you save on yoru premium. At InsuraMatch, our goal is for our licensed agents to serve as advisors, not salespeople. Their purpose is to help you protect yourself, your home, your family, and your assets. 

The most consistent review we get about our InsuraMatch advisors are that they’re thoughtful and take the time to really get to know their client’s personalized situation and needs. We love hearing the feedback that our advisors are trustworthy and show a genuine care for their clients!

2. They’re the experts.

No matter how much you read up about insurance on our Learning Center, you can’t be expected to know everything about insurance. A licensed independent agent has extensive knowledge of insurance to help figure out the best coverage options to fit your needs. Insurances agents compare quotes and read policies every day, so they have the know-how and expertise to help you protect your assets. 

A flood insurance agent, in particular, will be able to help assess your risk of flood based on location, local governances, history of flood, home type, etc. From there, they’ll help you determine how much flood insurance you need so you are fully covered.

This is why we highly recommend you work with an independent agent who specializes in flood, like our advisors at InsuraMatch. Give us a call today at (844) 300-3367.

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3. They compare quotes to find the right coverage for you.

You aren’t stuck with just one option for flood insurance. If the NFIP isn’t right for you (and it’s not the right choice for everyone), there are a lot of independent flood insurance carriers out there. But we know it can be hard to find those companies, let alone compare equivalent quotes between different carriers.

If you work with an independent flood insurance agent, they’ll use tools and experience to get comparable quotes from multiple carriers. They’ve already listened to your needs and can shop around to find the best option for you! 

4. They make it easy.

Too many people don’t buy flood insurance because it seems complicated. Unfortunately, all too often, people without flood insurance can find themselves in a dire financial situation after a devastating flood. 

Working with a flood insurance agent makes understanding and shopping for coverage easier. They can handle all the details for you—including the impacts on taxes, national relief, homeowners lender requirements, flood elevation certificates, etc. You can get a custom flood plan without having to deal with the headache and stress, and that means help with securing coverage for your home and livelihood is just a phone call away.

5. They’ll explain everything.

Not only will your agent get the policy settled for you, but they’ll also explain it to you. Don’t underestimate the necessity and importance of understanding your flood insurance policy. You want to know which parts of your home/belongings are included, which scenarios are included, and which situations are excluded. (See some common flood insurance exclusions here.)

A good flood insurance agent has one job: to make you feel safe. This means getting you the best coverage while also ensuring you know the ins and outs of your own policy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. They’ll be happy to answer. Check out the 11 questions to ask your agent about flood insurance.

6. Your flood insurance agent is your advocate.

If there’s a significant flood in your area, everyone is going to be looking to their insurers to get paid out quickly. If you have a relationship with your flood insurance agent, though, they can help guide you through the claims process. They’ll have knowledge of the process and a good agent will care to help make sure that you’re made whole after a loss.

Plus, they’ll help you find discounts and ways to save on your flood insurance.

Your InsuraMatch flood insurance agent is on your side.

7. They’ve got expertise in many of the types of coverage you need.

Most independent flood insurance agents also sell other forms of insurance, like homeowners, renters, auto, boat, etc. When you have one trusted agent, why not use them for all of your insurance needs?

They can help you compare quotes to find the best deals, whether or not that means bundling all or some of your policies with the same carrier. Carrier-specific insurance agents will often push all of their products on you, even if their products don’t always suit your needs. An independent agent will make sure that every dollar you spend is going towards the best possible protection for your family.

Plus, an independent agent can look at all of your policies on the whole to make sure you’re totally covered for all your unique risks. For example, let’s say your flood insurance excludes your car. Your flood insurance agent will see this and can make sure your auto policy covers flood-related incidents. 

8. They’re on your side.

Your flood insurance agent is there with you for the long-haul. They’re your consultants, advisors, and advocates through thick and thin. One of the benefits of sticking with an independent insurance agent is that you can change policies and carriers over the years, but you’ve still got that one trusted expert on your side. They’ll also continuously review your coverage to ensure you’re getting the best protection at the best deal.

They’re there when you move houses, start a family, start a business, and all of life’s events. They’re there cheering for you and protecting you.

Choose the right flood insurance agent

Of course, you only get all these benefits if you select the right flood insurance agent. You want someone who is knowledgeable in flood as well as other areas. And you want someone you can trust to be on your side without a hidden agenda.

That’s what you get with InsuraMatch. Our licensed experts are trained to put the client (you!) first. It’s our job to find you the most comprehensive coverage that works for your budget. We want a relationship with you for the long-term, not for a quick buck.

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