Insurance is often a necessary purchase, one that can be incredibly helpful if you face a loss. Since you have to have insurance, why not save on your premium? One of the best ways to save on your insurance is to bundle your policies. Here’s how bundling can help you save on your insurance.

What is bundling?

“Bundling” your insurance policies means that you’ve taken out multiple lines of insurance from the same insurance company or agency. Whether its auto and renters or home and umbrella, or even auto, motorcycle and boat, combining your policies is one of the best routes to saving on your insurance premiums.

InsuraMatch agent Seth says of bundling, “It’s a great way to save money and reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple insurance companies or agencies. Next time you’re shopping for insurance, don’t just get a quote on one product, like home, auto, boat or motorcycle. Get a quote on all of the policies you may need at once, to make sure you’re getting the best rates. Once you’ve quoted everything together, then you can talking through your options with your insurance agent and choose the one that’s right for you.”

Chances are, if you have one insurance policy, you’ll need another. Shopping for both at one could mean savings.

How much can you save on insurance by bundling?

Okay, let’s get into the good stuff… this is what you’re reading here for after all, right? The amount you’ll save on your insurance by bundling varies by insurer and product. At InsuraMatch, we work with dozens of insurance companies to help provide you with choice and flexibility, and some of our partners offer up to a 15% discount for bundling your policies.

According to, the average insurance savings from bundling policies is 15.97%. That’s quite a bit! Give your insurance agent a call to see if you could save.

Do I have to bundle my policies with the same insurer to save on your insurance premium?

I admit it. For years, I was under the impression that you had to bundle your policies with the same insurance carrier in order to qualify for a bundling discount. Luckily, our awesome insurance agents here at InsuraMatch set me straight. Turns out that is not true, and if you go through an agency, like InsuraMatch, you may be able to bundle policies across carriers.

If you’re shopping for insurance through an insurance agency, you don’t necessarily have to bundle your policies with the same carrier. Your agent can shop all of their appointed carriers and oftentimes you’ll qualify for bundling savings even with policies from two different carriers.

Definitely give your insurance agent a call to see if you could save by adding on a policy. An added bonus is that both of your policies will be through the same agency, should you have any questions or need to make changes, you only have one place to call.

Bottom Line

You probably have several assets that need some insurance coverage. By bringing your policies under one roof, so to speak, you can unlock savings upwards of 15% on your premium. Call your agent today to see if you could save!


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