Winter storms can be costly. You may not think of your car as being in the way of danger when it comes to a winter storm, but not preparing your vehicle for the storm can land you with safety, liability, or financial issues. Don’t let your car—or its passengers—go into winter unprepared with these six simple precautionary steps.

Winter Weather Car Safety Tips

Don’t drive during a winter storm.

Whether you’re driving home from work or school, running out to pick up a few last grocery items, or you just didn’t realize a winter storm was coming, getting stuck on the road during a storm can be a risky scenario. Driving during a snowstorm can be dangerous not only because you could have an accident, but if the storm is severe you could get stuck in your car. Keep an eye on weather reports and do whatever you can to stay home—warm, cozy, and safe—during the storm.

Consider getting snow tires or chains.

If you absolutely have to drive during a snowstorm, say because you are an essential worker, consider purchasing snow tires and chains that fit your car. These can help your car gain more traction against snow and ice, and may help reduce your risk of an accident.

But snow tires aren’t a magic solution to the dangers of driving in a storm. Taking a defensive driving course could help you learn how to better handle the physics of your car on the road, particularly in challenging conditions like a winter storm. Plus, passing a defensive driving course may make you eligible for an auto insurance discount!

Keep a winter emergency kit in your car.

If you get stuck in your car, you want to have some essentials on you to make sure you don’t end up trapped, cold, and/or without phone service. Create a winter kit that you keep in your car for the cold months (and switch it out with your summer kit when the weather heats up).

Fill up your gas tank.

Filling your gas tank can help prevent the fuel line from freezing, which can save your car from damage. You also never know if you might need to evacuate, and you want to be ready and prepared in the case that you have to leave your home.

Park your car in a garage.

Park your car in the garage or underneath a steady overhang if possible. This will protect your car from getting covered in tons of snow (plus, it’s a pain to try to get all the snow and ice off your car.) Did you know that having a garage may even help lower your auto insurance discount?

If you can’t park in a garage, make sure you:

  • Don’t park under a tree (falling branches and trees from winds and snow can damage your car)
  • Pull your windshield wiper blades up (so they can’t freeze to the windshield)
  • If possible, don’t park along the street (so snowplows can get through)
  • Don’t park on an incline in case of ice and wind

Keep up with maintenance on your car.

If you know a bad snowstorm is coming or your car hasn’t been checked since the cooler weather rolled in, we suggest a visit to a qualified mechanic. The mechanic can help make sure your car’s maintenance is up to date.

Winter is in full swing and taking care of your car and its passengers before the storm hits is crucial. With just a few preventative measures, you can help reduce your risk of personal or property damage, which can help you weather the storm with ease and safety.

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