Updated May 4, 2020 - For all of us - our employees, our customers, our partners, you - these are unprecedented times. Our team has moved to working remotely to protect our employees and to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. If you need to reach our sales or service teams, we are fully operational and ready to help. From all of us, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

At InsuraMatch, we’ve long felt our strength as an insurance agency is closely tied to the insurance companies we work with. We are proud to partner with many leading national and regional insurance carriers that allow us to provide our customers with excellent coverage and top-notch customer service.

Lately, our pride in our partners has been reinforced by their responses to these uncertain and unprecedented times. Many of our carriers have searched for ways that they can help during these challenging times by modifying their billing processes, provide additional coverage and even sending out refunds coverage to help address their customer’s changing needs.

With so much uncertainty and bad news these days, we wanted to highlight some of the positive things our insurance partners are doing to help. Here are some of the ways our carriers are working to ease the burden of this challenging situation for their customers:

  • American Modern is committed to helping their customers by providing payment options. Customers should contact customer service to discuss their options.
  • ASI will not cancel any active policies due to non-payment through May 15, 2020. They encourage customers to give them a call to discuss their options.
  • Dairyland is offering billing help by request through May 15, 2020. They have also suspended the enforcement of their food delivery exclusion on personal auto insurance policies in addition to all over deliveries.
  • Encompass has found many ways to help their customers. First, they’ll be offering a Shelter-in-Place Payback which will refund an average of 15% of premium back to their customers for the months of April and May. They are also offering free Identity Protection and Payment Relief for auto and home customers who are facing financial challenges. Finally, Encompass will offer extended coverage for their personal auto and motorcycle customers while the State of Emergency is in place. This extended coverage will now cover customers using their insured vehicles to make commercial deliveries.
  • Foremost is automatically extending a grace period for late payments until at least May 1, 2020.
  • Global Indemnity has stopped all non-payment cancellations on renewals for all states for a period of 60 days.
  • Hagerty is encouraging customers to contact them if you need billing help.
  • The Hartford will be giving back 15% of two months' premium to all customers with an active policy as of April 1, 2020 and will waive late-payment fees and cancellations for non-payment until May 31st.
  • Liberty Mutual has established a Personal Auto Customer Relief Fund, which will refund auto insurance customers 15% of their monthly premium for two months. In addition to the relief fund, Liberty Mutual will also offer their customers payment flexibility and have paused auto and home policy cancellations through May 22, 2020.
  • Mercury has created a Customer Giveback Program, where they will refund 15% of monthly premiums to their customers on their personal auto insurance policies for April and May. Mercury also encourages customers to contact them for billing options.
  • MetLife will offer Payment Leniency to customers and will comply with state requests to temporarily suspend the cancellation of policies for those who are affected by COVID-19 in the states where mandated. 
  • The National Flood Insurance Program has extended its 30-day grace period for renewals to 120 days.
  • National General is helping out their customers by working with them on billing options.
  • Narragansett Bay Insurance Company will consider every customer's situation and provide appropriate flexibility with billing and cancellations if customers contact customer service
  • Plymouth Rock, our parent company, has gone to great lengths to be there for their customers. Until each state’s stay-at-home orders are lifted, Plymouth Rock will give a 25% premium credit on Liability and Personal Injury Protection Coverages to their auto insurance customers. Customers may choose to “pay it forward” with their refund and donate the credit to an approved charity working to help those most affected by COVID-19.

    Plymouth Rock is also helping health care workers, by waiving comprehensive and collision deductibles if healthcare workers get in an accident driving to or from work and by extending the Additional Living Expenses Coverage on homeowners policies to cover temporary housing if required by illness or job requirements caused by COVID-19.

    In additional to these efforts, Plymouth Rock also encourages customers to contact them for billing options.
  • Progressive is dedicating over $1 billion to customers, employers, communities and agents in this time of need through their newly created Apron Relief Fund. As part of the fund, personal auto insurance customers will receive a 20% refund for their April and May premiums. They will also waive late fees, pause collections, and hold off on canceling or non-renewing any active policies due to non-payment through May 15, 2020.
  • Safeco is offering a Personal Auto Customer Relief Refund, which will include a 15% refund on two months of premium for their auto insurance customers. They have also automatically stopped charging late fees and temporarily paused personal auto & home coverage cancellations due to non-payment from March 23 through May 22, 2020 at the earliest. They encourage customers to contact them if they are having trouble making payments.
  • Stillwater has extended their auto insurance coverage to include restaurant delivery coverage for customers living in states with stay-at-home orders in effect who qualify. They encourage customers to contact them about billing hardships and will be waiving late fees.
  • Travelers is offering a Stay-At-Home Auto Premium Credit Program, where customer will receive a 15% refund on their April and May premiums. They are also offering billing relief, including suspending cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment through May 15, 2020 (no interest, late fees or penalties will be charged).
  • Vacant Express is stopping non-payment cancellations, instituting a grace period of 60 days. Cancellations will apply only to missed subsequent installments on policies currently in force.

We’re proud to partner with companies who are so dedicated to helping their customers and their communities. This list includes the carriers who have reached out to us to let us know about the changes in their policies and premiums, however, this list may not be exhaustive of all of our carriers’ efforts. If you don’t see your carrier listed, please contact customer service to ask about the options available to you during this uncertain time.

From all of us at InsuraMatch, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this time. If you have a question or concern about your policy, please contact us.