With winter on the way in most of the country, it’s almost time to pack up your motorcycle for winter. If you’re trying to squeeze in a few last rides on your motorcycle before winter hits, be sure to do so safely. These motorcycle safety tips for fall can help you stay safe and accident free this autumn.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Fall Weather

Check for Weather-Related Hazards

Preparation is key to staying safe, and in autumn temperatures can fluctuate wildly and fall weather can present new hazards you won’t encounter during the summertime.


The fall tends to be wetter than the summer months, so riding in the rain may become unavoidable if you’ll be using your motorcycle during the fall. Check on the weather and when riding in the rain, use good judgment. Give yourself more room behind cars in traffic, wear reflective or brighter gear to remain visible and beware slick asphalt in rainy conditions. You can find more tips for riding in the rain on Ultimate Motorcycling.


As it gets colder, the chances for frost on the roads increases. This can be very dangerous on a motorcycle, as the road becomes slick with ice. Always check the weather forecast before taking out your motorcycle and beware the roads in early morning, on bridges and in shaded areas, where frost is more likely to develop.


Falling temperatures mean falling leaves in many parts of the country, which can be perilous for motorcyclists. Leaves on the road can obscure hazards, such as a dip in the road or potholes, as well as provide a slippery surface when the leaves get wet.

During autumn, be sure to slow down and navigate leaves and piles of leaves carefully while riding your motorcycle. Allow distance between you and other vehicles to give yourself appropriate time to react to these added road hazards.


Fall is a peak time for flooding around the country, as well as hurricanes on the east coast. Though you wouldn’t be riding during these extreme weather events (right?), your motorcycle could be damaged during a storm while in storage.

Check that your storage spot for your motorcycle is storm-proofed as best as possible and consider raising your motorcycle off the ground to avoid flood damage. If possible, it is best to cover your motorcycle and store it somewhere indoors.

Consult your insurance agent to ensure that you have the proper coverage in place to cover storage and storm damages, especially flooding damage which can be excluded from certain policies.

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Dress for the Weather

As the temperatures get colder and wetter, making sure you’re dressed for the season is important to staying safe on your bike. Dress warmly and in water-resistant or waterproof clothing to keep warm and dry. Comfort is key in riding distraction-free. Pack layers and extra options of the weather looks like it will turn either colder or wetter, to maximize your comfort and ensure a safe and cozy ride.

Beware Deer

We’ve covered this before our drivers, but riders need to beware of deer during the fall as well. Peak season is in November, but through the whole of autumn, keep your eyes peeled for deer.

Drive slowly through deer crossing zones and scan the road and shoulder for deer, particularly at dusk and dawn, when deer are most likely to be on the move. Wear protective gear and try to avoid swerving into the other lane if you encounter a deer, as this could cause you to lose control of your bike.

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A fall ride to take in the crisp air or see the beautiful changing leaves can be blissful, but it can also be dangerous. Keep these safety tips in mind when you hit the road on your motorcycle this autumn.

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