Ah, summertime! If you’ll be heading on a summer vacation this year, we hope you have a great and safe trip.

Key to a safe summer trip is preparation, and insurance can help you prepare for the financial risk of interrupted travel plans. Since traveling can bring new sets of risks into your life, proper insurance coverage can be important to managing those. To ensure that you have the right insurance coverage for your summer vacation, download our checklist to keep on top the different insurance types to consider for your trip.

Your vacation insurance needs will vary depending on the trip you’re taking, but generally, you’ll want to ensure that your home and belongings that you’re leaving behind are secure, you have something to fall back on if your travel plans are interrupted and that the luggage you’re bringing along is covered, too.

Before you head off on your vacation, take a moment to review this checklist to make sure you’ve got the right insurance in place. Have a wonderful vacation!