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5 Must Have Personal Water Craft (PWC) Safety Devices


 | May 20, 2015
  1. Lifejackets ARE cool! – Lifejackets do just that save lives. It is a proven fact that most of the boating deaths to riders and passengers, none of them were wearing a lifejacket. If you are the driver, you need to set the tone by wearing a lifejacket, then your passenger will be more inclined to wear one as well. As the captain on the personal watercraft, you should demand this of all passengers as criteria to ride with you.
  1. Goggles – So simple, but yet so important. Many riders forget to bring a pair of good goggles with while water crafting. Goggles can help keep water, which is traveling at a high speed, from smashing into your eyes causing you to lose concentration temporally.
  1. Personal Locator Beacon – We’re sure you’ve seen those movies where people are on the open water riding personal watercrafts with friends, and having the times of their lives. After things settle down, they realize they are not only out of gas, they are so far out, they can’t even see the shoreline anymore. It really does happen every day. For this reason, the personal locator beacon was created. The latest models can efficiently:
  • Assist you in getting found quickly with amazing accuracy.
  • They can shine a spotlight on your exact location.
  • Some devices can tell a would-be rescuer, not only where you are, but what your full name is too.
  1. Wetsuit - You have to remember, these watercraft are “crotch-rockets” on the water. They can go very fast. When a driver falls off one of these personal water crafts at a high velocity, they can risk painful skin damage from the rate at which they are hitting the water.
  1. Helmet: As mentioned, young people especially should use one. In the Arkansas research, four of the 27 injuries involved upper neck and back but 18 of the injuries were not specified.

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