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8 Reasons To Consider Switching Home Insurers


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 | March 15, 2018
Reasons to consider switching your homeowners insurance

You aren’t married to your home insurance provider. You can and should switch if you feel you’re insurance company isn’t offering you the best option. You should reevaluate your home insurance periodically to find the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Despite the importance of home insurance, it’s common for individuals to rush into a policy that seems too good to be true without shopping around and comparing policies.

But everything seems great at first until you start having a few hiccups here and there.

How do you know if it’s time to part ways and start searching for new homeowners insurance?

Reasons to Consider Switching Home Insurers

1. Annual review

According to most experts, the best risk management involves an annual review of your home insurance. This helps you better know your policy, so you can be aware of what is and isn’t covered by your provider. Shopping around on an annual basis also ensures you always receive the best price.

You should start reviewing two months prior to your annual renewal period so you can make the switch without a gap in your coverage.

2. High premiums

If you have a high premium from your provider, it’s time to start comparing quotes.

One of the best ways to reduce your monthly budget is to compare insurance quotes and providers. You can get stuck with a high premium if:

  • You neglect to shop around when first purchasing.
  • You neglect to shop around periodically or annually.
  • You aren’t aware of annual premium increases.
  • You make a number of homeowners’ claims.
  • You don’t look into safety and risk management discounts.

Learn more about the factors of your home insurance cost here.

3. Inadequate coverage

You’ll want to look for new insurance if you don’t have the appropriate coverage in your current plan. Unfortunately, most people find out that they are lacking coverage after it’s too late.

For example, your basement floods and you now find out that your homeowners doesn’t cover that type of water damage, that you’ll need flood insurance. Or a thief steals your jewelry and you discover your policy has coverage limits on jewelry.

It’s important to know your policy inside and out so you can be fully protected. If you’re not sure what your policy covers or you’re not sure what coverage your home needs, talk to an insurance agent. You may also need to consider add-on or umbrella policies for full protection.

4. Poor customer service

Is your insurance company hard to reach? Do they provide you with fast and immediate service? Does an assessor check out your claim in a timely manner? Are they willing to work with you to find the best coverage at the lowest premium? Do they offer a personal claims service with human agents? Do they have a 24/7 claims process in case something happens in the middle of the night?

You want an insurance company that’s on your side. It’s a relationship just like any other, and you want your provider to provide for you. The best companies go above and beyond to keep their clients safe.

If you don’t feel the service is meeting your expectations, it’s time to switch.

How do you know your new provider will have good customer service when you make the switch? You can look at customer reviews on sites like ConsumerAffairs. Working with an InsuraMatch agent also helps you connect with the best, most reliable companies in the business.

5. No discounts

Avoiding high premiums often means participating in home insurance discounts. You want your insurance company to reward you for any risk management steps you take. For example, if you install safety devices or winterize your pipes, some companies will offer a discount on your premium.

An agent can help you find great deals and discounts on your coverage—while improving the safety of your home!

6. Bundling

If you aren’t bundling your home and auto insurance, you’re likely overpaying in premiums. Bundling insurance can be a drastic discount in your monthly bill.

If you have multiple insurance policies from multiple providers, consider comparing quotes for bundled home and auto.

7. Financial instability

Your insurer should be trustworthy and financially stable. You want to feel secure that the money you’re investing with premiums will be returned if you have a claim. If your insurance provider doesn’t have money in the bank, you could be left in the dark if something were to happen.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your insurance company, it’s time to switch.

Check out A.M. Best Company to see ratings of insurer financial stability. InsuraMatch agents can also provide an appropriate stability and reliability rating for you.

8. Life changes

If you experience a significant life event, you may have different insurance needs. Life events may include:

  • Marriage
  • Moving homes
  • Additional home purchase
  • New child
  • Home renovation
  • Retirement
  • Car purchase (bundling)
  • Contents change

Any significant life events should trigger an instant insurance reevaluation. This is especially critical if you’re moving, as home insurance covers the specific structure and location of your home.

When should you switch?

We recommend comparing quotes two to three months before the end of your policy period. Most insurance policies will automatically renew at the renewal date, so you want to be prepared in advance.

You can avoid a cancellation fee if you switch at the end of your policy period before renewal. You’ll want to let your former provider know you’ll be cancelling coverage, effective the day of your renewal date.

Don’t leave your current insurer without a new policy in place. Gaps in coverage can cause a premium increase. Maintain continuous coverage whenever possible. If you can’t find new coverage by the end of your current policy period, continue with your current provider until you find a new policy.

You can switch before your policy is over. You’ll likely be subject to some cancellation fees, though.

If you’re looking to switch now or at your next renewal date, contact an InsuraMatch agent to walk you through the process!

Bottom line

Your home insurance isn’t set in stone. You aren’t married to your insurance provider. It’s okay to keep “dating” until you find the perfect match. 

That’s where InsuraMatch comes in.

We help you compare the best policies, quotes, and bundles for your lifestyle.

It’s time to work with an agent on your side.

Contact InsuraMatch now to start comparing policies and costs! You can finally find your perfect insurance match.