Hopefully, for most of the year, your recreational vehicle will be your home away from home. But when winter comes, you'll have to tuck away your RV for the season. With your RV off the road, you may not require as much insurance as you did during your summer road trips. In fact, there are ways to lower your RV insurance during the off season to help you save money on your insurance premium while you dream of warmer days on the road.

It’s more than just a car and it’s more than just a home, and your RV insurance policy reflects that. Since you'll likely store your RV during the winter months, there are some ways to save on your RV insurance during the off season.

Here are our best tips for lowering your RV insurance during the off season, without compromising too much on coverage.

RV Insurance in the Off Season

If you keep your RV in storage insurance is still a wise investment

If you live somewhere with a true winter, your RV likely won’t be seeing the road for a few months each year. If you keep your RV in storage, you may think you won’t need any insurance, since it’ll be inside and protected during the winter months. However, risk can be unpredictable. Whether it’s theft or extreme winter weather that could damage your RV, you’ll want to keep some insurance coverage while your RV is in storage.

The key here is some – you absolutely can remove or lower your RV insurance coverage during the off season. Since your vehicle won’t be out on the road, collision and liability coverage are no longer necessities. Work with your insurance agent to reduce your RV insurance coverage for winter, but be sure to keep your comprehensive coverage while your RV is in storage. This will help ensure that your RV is still protected from theft, vandalism, fire, water damage, glass breakage, and other covered damages or losses.

If you have optional coverages on your RV insurance, consider removing them

While your RV is in use, towing and substitute transportation coverage may be no-brainers. But during the off-season, you can remove these coverages and save some money on your monthly bill.

If makes sense for your budget, consider increasing your RV deductible

Another way to save when your RV is stored for winter is considering whether a higher deductible makes sense. By raising your deductible, you could save on your premium. However, this is not a risk-free way to save – you could still face damage or loss to your RV while it’s in storage, and with a higher deductible, you’d have to pay more out of pocket for repairs.

Talk with your agent about your options for raising your deductible and take a good hard look at your budget to make sure you’d be able to pay your deductible no matter which one you choose, in case you need to file a claim.

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Every RV, every RVer and every insurance policy are unique, so it’s best to discuss your options for insuring yourself and your RV during the winter with your insurance agent. Your agent will be able to walk you through the necessary coverages for your RV when it’s not in use, so that you’ll be best protected until it’s time to hit the road again.

Making changes to your RV insurance during the off season does mean you’ll need to make changes again come the spring. If you make seasonal changes to your RV insurance coverage, it is extremely important to revisit your limited coverage with your insurance agent before getting your RV back on the road.  Avoid being under or uninsured for the risks you’ll face out there – it could end up costing you a lot more than you saved on your premiums over the winter.


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