For riders in some parts of the country, riding is a year-round activity and your motorcycle rarely sees the garage for more than a few days at a time. Unfortunately, in other areas, there comes a time to part with your motorcycle until warmer weather comes around. For the northern states that cannot ride all year, your monthly motorcycle insurance premium is a reminder of the riding you're not doing in the colder months.

Lucily, there are some options to make motorcycle insurance coverage more affordable while your riding is limited. When you have to put your motorcycle away during winter, be sure to check on these ways to save with your insurance agent.

Ask an agent about seasonal rating

This isn't a universal option, as not all insurance companies provide it, but seasonal rating takes into consideration the fact that riders may only be using their bikes for a portion of the year. Coverage is in place year-round, but for a lower premium that reflects reduced usage during the winter.

Ask if your insurance company has motorcycle storage insurance

A “lay-up” policy suspends all motorcycle insurance coverage except comprehensive during the winter months. Comprehensive ensures that your bike is still protected from theft, fire, etc. Note that many insurance companies are moving away from this option, but it is still available with some carriers.

Reduce coverage during the winter months

If you know you won’t be riding your bike during for an extended time period, ask your agent about coverage options. Many insurance carriers will not allow you to remove all collision and liability, but you can reduce coverage to your state’s minimums. You can also raise deductibles to reduce your premium. But remember to raise your coverage and lower your deductible when you begin riding again!

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