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FAQs About Classic & Antique Car Insurance


 | June 17, 2015

A classic car is not the same as a regular car so it should make perfect sense that you do not have regular car insurance, you have classic car insurance. There are some differences between regular car insurance and classic car insurance that as a classic car owner you need to be aware of.

In order to qualify for classic automobile insurance your vehicle must be more than ten years old, have rare or special historical value (due to exceptional workmanship or limited production from the auto maker). Progressive also notes, you also need to have restored, maintained, or preserved your antique or classic car, keeping it in good condition. An antique would be defined as a vehicle that is 25 years old or more.

Here are some FAQs about Classic Car Insurance:


What are the limitations to how often the car is used?

In order to get classic or antique car insurance your antique or classic car must be used on a very limited basis. This may include circumstances like parades, exhibitions, club activities or similar events. Generally, you also need to park it in a garage and use it as an extra car—not use it daily.

What happens if my car needs replacement parts?

Hagerty Insurance is the top antique or classic car insurance provider, one of the reasons is because they offer stock original replacement parts and they also have people on hand that are specialist that can find these rare parts.

Can I get roadside assistance?

You can get roadside assistance and benefits added to your policy. With some carriers, this guarantees flatbed towing that uses soft straps required for handling your specialty vehicle.

Does InsuraMatch offer coverage with Hagerty?

Yes, most classic and antique car owners are aware that Hagerty is the leading insurance provider for classic car insurance. One of the best parts about having classic car coverage with Hagerty is that their  employees receive training on classic cars so  they have experts readily available to answer your questions. They also have parts specialists on staff who can track down stock original replacement parts.

Is classic car insurance more or less expensive than regular car insurance?

People may think that due to the price of classic cards classic car insurance will also be expensive. However, classic automobile insurance is likely to be up to 45% less than your regular car insurance. This is because you are driving the car less so you have a lower risk for accidents.

How does replacement coverage work with antique or classic car insurance?