Buying your first home is incredibly exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming and daunting process. Making such a large investment is not something to be taken lightly! Homeowners insurance is a small part of the process, but if you've never had it before it can be confusing. We've created this Homeowners Insurance Guide for first time homebuyers to help you and your family understand the who, what, when, where and why of this valuable protection for your home. 

Many homeowners are required to purchase homeowners insurance by their mortgage companies, but even if you don't have a mortgage, it is certainly a coverage you want to consider. The 6 chapters in this guide will help you learn more about what homeowners insurance does and doesn't cover, as well as how to get a quote, where to get a quote, and how to save on your homeowners insurance.

You've made a big step in deciding to buy your first home. Make sure to protect that investment with homeowners insurance. Our guide will help you learn how!

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