For a motorcyclist, one of the most exciting times of the year is the week or so when you can get your motorcycle back on the road. Those first few rides are bliss! However, after sitting for months in your garage, your motorcycle and your motorcycle insurance policy are going to need a little TLC before you start riding again.

Don’t let your excitement and eagerness to get back out there keep you from taking care to prep your bike and insurance for the risks of the road. A happy rider is a safe rider, after all!

Your Motorcycle Insurance To-Do List

Update Your Policy

The colder months may mean you’re not using your motorcycle much or even at all. If you reduced your coverage for the winter season or switched to a lay-up policy, make sure you switch a standard motorcycle insurance policy before getting back out on the road.

Make Sure Your Policy Reflects Your Current Situation

A new riding season may come with new changes. Have you experienced any life changes since you garaged your bike? Those lifestyle changes can affect your motorcycle insurance.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, these are the major factors that can affect your motorcycle insurance costs:

  • Your age, your driving record and where you live
  • Type or style of bike you ride—for example, sport bike, cruiser or custom motorcycle
  • Age of the motorcycle
  • Number of miles you ride a year
  • Where you store your bike

If any of these have changed in the last year, you could save on your current policy, which is great! Even if there aren’t any savings in the changes you’ve experienced in the past year, reviewing these items with your insurance agent is important to ensuring you're not getting back out there underinsured. Not carrying enough coverage could end up costing you a lot more than your premium.

Other areas of your policy that you should examine on an annual basis are your deductible and limits. If you’ve added assets over the last year, you’ll want to consider upping your liability coverage. If you’re actively saving or don’t have much saved, you’ll want to think about lowering your deductible, in case of a claim. An insurance agent can advise you on adjusting both of these aspects of your motorcycle insurance policy.

Shop Around

If you’re not happy with your motorcycle insurance coverage or the quoted price for a policy, consider shopping around a few different insurers to see if they can offer you more competitive rates or if they’ll offer discounts to someone with your riding profile. An independent insurance agency, like InsuraMatch, can help you shop multiple insurers at once, along with the expert guidance of an insurance agent. You can also go directly to different insurance companies yourself to get comparison quotes.

For more tips on buying motorcycle insurance, check out our Motorcycle Insurance Guide.

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Take it Slow to Start

You may be tempted to take off flying for your first ride of the season, but it’s smart to take things slow as you get used to being on your bike again. You’ll also want to use your first ride as a check to make sure everything on your motorcycle is working well after a season spent in the garage.

Spring conditions can be tricky for motorcycle drivers, so ease into the ride. Brush up on these motorcycle safety tips before you hit the road. You don’t want to start off your season with an insurance claim!

Bottom Line

Getting your motorcycle ready for the season requires more than just a tune-up. Ensuring your motorcycle insurance is up-to-speed as well is important, should you face any damages or accidents during the season.

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