A hurricane or strong wind is capable of causing considerable damage to your home or car. Wayward trees can fall and debris can fly around.  During storms, the safety of yourself and your family should be the foremost concern, not your possessions. Having an adequate insurance policy will help protect your belongings. Knowing what your insurance covers and what your company considers “Acts of God” is important.

Talk to your insurance agent about the different components of your insurance and what additional coverage you may need. In some cases, you might need an extra clause past standard and comprehensive insurance.  However, your needs are unique so there is no cookie-cutter policy.  Speaking with your agent will ensure that you are properly covered against potential dangers.

You can’t control everything.  Unfortunately, things do happen. Protect yourself from “acts of god” – they usually aren’t things that you expect to happen to you. If you have insurance, then damage from acts of God may be covered by insurance. Different insurance companies define acts of god differently. To some insurance companies, high winds fall in that category, however, they don’t with other companies.

What are Considered Acts of God?

In terms of car insurance, an “Act of God” is typically any nature-related event that causes an auto accident. For example, if your car is damaged from a hurricane whipping through your town and knocking a tree into your car, it would be considered an act of God.  Other acts include hail, wildfires, and earthquakes. If an animal runs in front of your car and causes damage, it is most likely covered. The same applies to damage to your home. If you are in a location that has lots of tornados then, you will want to make sure you are covered against it.

Making Sure You’re Covered

The best way for you to make sure you are protected from “Acts of God” is to speak with your insurance agent. Make sure you have comprehensive insurance which can help cover these types of incidents. Get the specifics on what your insurance company considers as acts of God to ensure that you are covered for the things you need. Don’t wait to ask until it’s too late! For example, if your home floods from a broken down water heater, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Unless you specifically have a flood insurance policy, you will not be covered. Being ill-informed about your policy could end up costing you a lot of money out of pocket!

Be aware that while you may consider floods, earthquakes, and even sink holes acts of God, these catastrophes often require a separate policy.

Make Sure You are Prepared for Anything

Whether you are dealing with a fire, a storm, a tsunami or some other catastrophe, you need to know your coverage. There are certain damages like a roof falling in from the snow that should be considered as an Act of God, but sometimes insurance companies may not see it that way.  Being informed about your coverage can help protect you from a financial disaster.

It is important that you know what the insurance company you are dealing with considers acts of God and what coverage you have on your basic insurance plan. This way you can make sure the insurance you choose covers you in any situation. Do some research to see what type of problems you might face when it comes to local area. It is always better to be prepared for any situation.

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