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Whether it's mandated by your landlord or you're (wisely) looking to protect your belongings, renters insurance is a smart choice for anyone who rents their home. At InsuraMatch, we offer renters insurance that you can bundle with your auto insurance for a discount or standalone renters insurance policies from top regional and national insurance companies. In just a few minutes you can get quotes online!

Our friendly insurance advisors will help you determine how much coverage you need to protect your stuff with renters insurance. Our consultative approach will help you feel confident in your policy and our advisors always review possible discounts to help you save money.

Our Trusted Carriers

Comparing renters insurance quotes with InsuraMatch is as easy as a quick phone call. While we're on the phone, one of our insurance advisors will compare quotes from our full panel of renters insurance companies on your behalf. Our advisors will help you determine the coverage you need and which policy is the best match.

A renters insurance policy (HO4) typically includes the following coverages: dwelling, contents, liability and loss of use. Ask your InsuraMatch advisor about the coverages you need today!

Learn more about renters insurance

Visit our Learning Center for more information about renters insurance and what it covers.

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